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We provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals

Retirement Planning

Are you ready to retire? Many people are nearing retirement and don’t even realize that they may not even be ready to retire. Greg Frank can analyze your current situation and tell you if you are on course. Don’t wait till it’s too late call today and allow Greg Frank to sit down and evaluate your current situation.

College Planning

College costs are at an all-time high and many parents will be wondering where to come up with the money to pay for the high costs of college. Allow Greg Frank to sit down and evaluate the time and the costs that will be associated with your children’s education.

Insurance Planning

Many people today suffer catastrophic losses due to death or even illness that keeps people from being able to work and support their families. These are situations that can be prevented with proper planning. Greg Frank can take your current policies and review them to see if you are getting the value and the coverage needed to properly protect yourselves.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is getting more and more complicated with the ongoing tax laws changing. The right time to start planning is well before something major happens in your lives or the lives of your parents. We can help you with the planning process and if need be we have an Attorney that works with people who want to protect their assets.

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Downloadable Tax Resources

Our team stands ready to provide you with our years of expertise and guidance through your financial planning. In preparation for our time together, we have included several helpful, ready-to-download forms so that you can get a jump-start on your financial future.

Tax Information Sheet

– Gives us a snap shot of your personal contact information, filing status, and other key information needed for the preparation of your returns.

Why do you need an estate plan?

– Making things easier for the ones you love.

How long should I retain records?

– Keeping good records helps to maximize any potential deductions, and can help us in the event of an audit. Keeping the right amount of records is vital.

Items to bring to your first wealth management meeting

– Bringing the right documents is vital in building the right financial plan for our clients.

Ten common estate planning mistakes

– Everyone in life continue to go through life changes. Don’t wait till it is too late to make those all-important life changes.

Tax Organizer

– A more in-depth look at taxes and potential deductions you might be missing.